Scheduled Import

Scheduled Import Utility for Oracle Agile PLM

Managing your product information in the Oracle Agile PLM solution allows organization to build a rich and complete portrait of their product information.

Service Description

Often there is information in other enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, MIS) that will assist the PLM consumer to make better decisions. If the data was available within Agile the user would be more productive and be able to execute better data analytics.

Ideally organizations would like to have a data warehouse solution or a real-time Integration to address this issue. However procurement and deployment of these solutions can be costly to configure and deploy. They require a high level of knowledge of both source and destination and can add complexity to deployment and maintenance of the applications. As a result, organizations often forgo or delay the implementation of these solutions in lieu of manual strategies which are prone to errors and can lead to data misalignment.

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