Remote File Server Exchange

Share and mange files on remote servers

With the rapid growth of PLM content, there is a considerable amount of data available that organizations are looking to share across the supply chain.

Service Description

Ideally, the organization would be able to have all consumers of the data access the information directly from Agile, but in certain cases that may not be realistic.

One of these use cases, is the challenge of working with large files like software. Even if the consumer of the data has access to PLM, extracting these files can take considerable time and can result in delays on the shop floor. Furthermore, once the file is extracted from your PLM system as an organization you have lost visibility to the version that the remote location is using.

The Remote File Server Exchange, from J-Squared Technologies Inc.™, was designed to address this issue. By setting up a file server at the remote location the program will handle the transfer and update of files directly from Agile. So even if the manufacturer does not have access to PLM, the consumer will be presented with the latest files as well as a log providing detail of the part.

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