Manage Discovery

Optimize Item Level Security

As organizations broaden their footprint of PLM, they will start to have requirements on how they control access to their data.

Service Description

This control may need to be managed at the item level, like in the case of providing partners access, or where organizations have ITAR or similar export controls.

The Managed Discovery offering from J-Squared Technologies Inc.™ has been designed to help organizations focus on who has access instead of the chore of updating the each of the components in a BOM. There are 2 pieces to the managed discovery offering: automated triggered event(s) and manual triggered event(s).

manage discovery screenshot

Automated Trigger Event

Key Functionality
  • Trigger on any event workflow, when an access control field changes
  • Pushes access control attribute down a product structure

Manual Trigger Event

Key Functionality
  • Triggered from the action’s menu of an item
  • Provides a web interface to assist with updating components of the BOM
  • User will be able to selectively omit assemblies and items
  • Warnings if an attribute being removed from another component has access controls being managed by another assembly