Enhanced SaveAs

A more intelligent way of copying

The out-of-the-box SaveAs functionality from Oracle Agile is a take all solution. It creates a duplicate of the source item in all aspects from attributes through to attachments.

Service Description

It is a good starting point but often requires the user to then review and update elements of the item prior to its release. The challenge for the Change Analyst team is there is no mechanism to enforce the review of theses fields which often leads to misaligned data. In addition, more and more organizations are populating data from external systems to provide richer product information. To avoid creating incorrect data through a SaveAs these fields need to be manually purged.

The Enhanced SaveAs offering from J-Squared has been designed to provide customers a more intelligent option. With this solution the administrator will build a SaveAs profile that identifies which attributes should be copied and which ones should be cleared by default. This helps address the challenge of misaligned data. When selected, the user will be presented an interface so they can select specific tabs to be copied. This helps avoid those secondary steps to clear the information that is not required.

An additional feature of variance numbering was added to the Enhance SaveAs. This option allows use of the system configured auto number(s) or the creation of a variant sequence based on the base number of the part being copied.

The Enhanced Save as solution improves productivity, reduces data misalignment and optimizes the process of creating new parts.

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