Decision Intelligence

Taking the guess work out of your decisions

As many organizations go through their digital transformation there is a push to extend beyond managing the business process but to standardize and capture how decisions are made.

Service Description

Capturing the data sources, the analytics and the risk elements used when making these decisions and how these decision impacts the business flow are the initial steps to implementing Decision Intelligence.

The Decision Intelligence offering from J-Squared Technologies Inc.™ provides the framework to allow you to capture your standard decision flows, while effectively recording and storing the results. The framework is an extension to your PLM offering, allowing the organization to leverage the extensive data to help in not only making these decisions but starting to build an automation layer.

Uses for the Decision Intelligence Framework include:

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Medical Device Complaint Reporting

Provide visibility to the decisions used in determining if a complaint is to be reported to a jurisdictional body.

Risk Assessment

Determine level of risk associated with an issue or a change and drive the correct business flow or review (i.e. CAPA).

Design Checklist

Manage the risk associated with change by driving the resource and deliverable requirements based on a standardized design checklist.

Project Initiation

Assist project managers mitigate project risk by using a standard decision process to help determine tasks , schedule and deliverables.