Compliance Conductor

Bringing your Compliance Partner into PLM

Management of risk and compliance is becoming increasingly complicated. For many organizations who do not have the appropriate resources or expertise to manage the substantial regulatory requirements, they look to outsource certain aspects of their compliance workload.

Service Description

The outsourcing partners can relieve the pressure from your internal team and can provide access to sophisticated systems that provide enriched data analytics. Despite all these benefits, an additional data silo has been added to access critical information related to your product record.

The J-Squared Compliance Conductor Solution has been developed so that organizations can release information to Compliance Data for data collection, while providing the PLM community the visibility to the part level compliance in order to mitigate risk and allow the stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Our solution is designed to adapt to the way you chose to work with your Compliance Partner:

  • Collect manufacturer part data from your compliance partner. Use the PG&C functionality in Agile to roll up compliance calculations from within Agile.
  • Leverage the tools of your compliance partner to perform the compliance analysis. Use the compliance conductor to send the product information in a campaign. Then provide visibility to the part level compliance directly within PLM.
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Compliance Partners

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