About J-Squared PLM Solutions Group

J-Squared PLM Solutions

Product Lifecycle Digital Transformation
We're about raising the value of the product record.

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Our Vision

From the beginning to the end, we want to capture your product's story.

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Our Mission

To be the trusted advisor and solution provider to our customers in their pursuit for enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) excellence.

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Our Focus

Pursue excellence relentlessly by always innovating, listening to our customers needs and continuously improving on how we deliver solutions and services.


  • 2017

    J-Squared launches Cloud Solutions

  • 2012

    Oracle begins development of their PLM Cloud Solution

  • 2011

    First Release of Decision Intelligence Solution

  • 2008

    Oracle approves J2 Accelerate

  • 2008

    Oracle recognizes J-Squared as one of their first “Agile Specialized” Gold Partners

  • 2007

    Oracle acquires Agile Software Corporation
  • 2003

    J-Squared becomes solutions partner with Agile Software Corporation

  • 1997

    The PLM Solutions Group was established in 1997 – focus on engineering, discrete manufacturing, supply chain, EMS CM, ECAD/MCAD PDM.

  • 1990

    J-Squared Technologies founded.